Zambezi Dolls of Color Campaign

100 zambezi dolls

Zambezi Doll Makers
Transition to Owning Business
The most important work we do:
create jobs and businesses for Zambian women.
 The  Zambezi Dolls of Color Cooperative is transitioning from a provider of dolls for sale by the AACDP in the US into an independent business operating from Zambia. For three years the AACDP has been training the women to make the dolls. Now they want to learn how to manage their own company through the internet.
 This group of fifteen mothers have children who attend the Mama Bakhita Cheshire School for the disabled. They call themselves the “God Given Gift Club” and are proud of what they have achieved so far: skills to produce a well-crafted product, the creation of a method of cooperative labor that works smoothly and finding local venues to sell dolls.
 This income has resulted in more stability for their families; they are able to pay rent, buy better food, and meet other challenges such as sickness or emergencies. Most importantly for them, the ability to pay for their other children to attend school is a major achievement. The doll-makers are ready to move to the next level of operating the business themselves.
Zambezi handmade cotton dolls of color

Zambezi Doll Family

Each doll is completely handmade; a one-of-a-kind treasure that any child will enjoy. The soft, organic cotton doll material is hand-stitched, and the dolls are dressed in colorful, removable Zambian chitenge clothing. They are meant for play, and no two are alike. Each unique doll comes in one of five skin tones, from light to dark, because every child should be able to play with a doll that has skin that looks like theirs.

Help these dedicated women achieve their goal of sustaining their families with the online sales of their dolls. Go to their website and pick out a doll for someone you love.