Zambezi Doll Business Goes to Zambian Mothers

100 zambezi dolls

The God Given Gift Club, a group of fifteen mothers who have children at the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home for disabled children, have labored for three years learning to produce a well-made doll that comes in five skin tones, from light to dark. Because every child should have the option of playing with a doll that has skin that looks like theirs.

As director of the African Artists’ Community Development Project, I am very proud of their success and am gratified to see how this project has improved the standard of living for these financially disadvantaged families. 

Please help me continue this work.

Since 2002 I have been operating most aspects of the AACDP by myself: fundraiser, importer, craft sales person, book keeper, scholarship coordinator, project manager and event planner. 

I have a wonderful cadre of willing volunteers for events, but I have reached capacity in my ability to run this business, largely because it is very hard to refuse assistance to hardworking people, young and not so young, who want to get educated. 

The solution to my problem is to hire help. Help finishing a new website that will bring in a more steady income, help with book keeping and with promotion.

This will enable me to do the parts of this work that I do best: overseeing the scholarship program, the Zambezi Doll Project, leading fundraising tours to Zambia and Florence, Italy, working with the Mama Bakhita School for the Disabled and continuing to blog and write about all of this.

My brilliant plan is to find 100 people to send me $100, in return they will be sent one of our multi-ethnic Zambezi Dolls. If successful, I will raise $10,000 with which to hire the help I need that I hope will result in increased income and will pay for itself. If not successful, then I will be back where I started, which is to say, burnt out!

To receive a doll, and they are all unique, please donate $100 right here at the top of this page. Or send a check to AACDP, POB 3051, West Tisbury, MA  02575. Lesser donations will be gladly accepted but no doll.

Thank you for giving me and my projects a chance to continue. You can learn more by exploring this website.100 zambezi dolls