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March  11 – 19   Art, Food & Gardens Tour

March  25 – April 8, City & Country, Florence & Lucca


Art, Food & Gardens Tour

March 11 – 19, 2018

florence, Italy


Delight all of your senses experiencing my favorite places in Florence and Fiesole, including the old-fashioned beauty of the gardens at Giardino Torrigiani, wonderful local restaurants tucked away in corners of Florence unfrequented by tourists and the pleasure of seeing masterpieces of renaissance art in the churches and public spaces they were commissioned for 400 years ago.


Highlights of this tour include:

  • Overnight at Bencista, the very hotel that “Room With a View” describes, where you are in a world from another century.
  • A trip to the fabulous Stibbert Museum, an overflowing treasure chest, the result of a great fortune and the love of beautiful objects. The extensive gardens reflect the grand and calm style of the early 1800s.
  • A visit to the Medici’s finest villa (and they had 26!),the classical Poggio di Caiano just outside of Florence.
  • We will see Pontormo’s famous and innovative Visitation painted in 1528 in the same little country church that commissioned it.

See this beautiful city through the eyes of my friends who live, breathe and love its history and legacy. This is a personal tour that opens up a side of Tuscany most people never see.


City & Country, Florence & Lucca

March  25 – April 8, 2018  

5 Places

easter bulls florence

Come spend the last week of March in Florence concentrating on gardens, villas, art and food up to April 1, which is Easter. 

Pass one night in the hills of Fiesole in a 19th century world at Bencista, the same hotel described in “Room with a View”.

Celebrate Easter at the Duomo with the most fantastic ceremony and events leading up to it in the streets that you will ever see in your life. Not another word.

Spend the next week in the hills above Lucca, a tiny perfectly preserved medieval walled city, and stay in a magnificent farmhouse lovingly restored. There we can relax, cook, explore Lucca, hike and perhaps paint or photograph or meditate upon the sublime landscapes.

$500 saves you a spot.

Checks can be made out to:


PO Box 3051, West Tisbury, MA 02575


“If you’d like to find yourself surrounded by extraordinary art, mesmerized by historical sites (some dating back to Roman and Etruscan times), and all the while enjoying delicious Italian food and wines, join Marsha on her tour of Florence. Each day brought a new delight. The trip exceeded our dreams.”

 Shakti Reynolds and John Early Chilmark, MA



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Candy Lincoln May 5, 2016 at 12:29 pm

I joined Marsha in March of this year (2016) for the Sacred Sites Tour. It was the trip of my life! I went without knowing just how deeply this would affect me. The beauty in the architecture and the art was astounding. To be in the heart of the where the Renaissance began was eye opening and almost magical. Marsha knows the very best restaurants where the food and wine will make you feel you are tasting Italian food for the very first time! My experiences in the many sacred places were most precious to me and the memories will be with me always. I laid on a bench and filmed the story of the Bible in mosaics in the dome of the Baptistry and it brought me to tears. I heard Monks sing their Vespers and I looked down upon the city at sunset. I sat still at monasteries and felt my beliefs surround me with beauty and inspiration. Sometimes just the stillness alone was just what I needed.
I do need to say that the the shopping was amazing!! The people that we met along the way were warm and wonderful to be with.
Your days will be filled with everything you could dream of without ever wondering where to go, what to see or where to eat! Marsha works very hard to make that happen!
Candy Lincoln

Candy Lincoln May 5, 2016 at 1:24 pm

I did not mention the fact that history surrounds you everywhere and you are transported back in time.

Marsha Winsryg May 6, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Thank you, Candy. Your ability to be open to every new experience enhanced my trip as well!

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