The Zambezi Doll Project Women

These are the women of the God Given Gift Group and are the proud fabricators of Zambezi Dolls. They are mothers and grandmothers of children with disabilities  who attend the Mama Bakhita Special Needs School in Livingstone, Zambia.
In 2011 I spent three weeks working with them to develop a doll that could be made entirely by hand, and could be sold for enough money to make an economic difference in their lives. The women are now very skillful seamstresses and doll makers, creating high quality dolls that are each one unique. They have grown into a true cooperative,  sharing the work and profits from the sales of their Zambezi dolls.
With money in their bank account they can now pay rent, clothe and feed their families and get basic medical care. Most importantly to them, they can now pay to send their other children to school in the community. The Mama Bakhita School for the Disabled is free for low income children, but all other schools , including public schools, have tuitions and expenses.
Education for their children is their highest goal.
We are developing an online store for the sale of these dolls worldwide because we think that the world needs more natural fiber dolls of color.
African dolls of color

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