Tragedy Under A Mulberry Tree

by Marsha Winsryg

Winfridah Moomba, who lost both her children

Winnie Moomba lost both of her young sons, her mother and a nephew at 3pm on September 13th when a speeding car crashed into their house.

My friend Scholastica Siakakaba wrote to me with a terrible story of a struggling family who lost four members of their family when an out of control driver (drunk?) slammed into the grandmother and three of her grandchildren, killing them all. The grieving remnants of the family were helped by neighbors and friends to pay burial and other expenses and my friend and her brother are hosting some of the survivors until repairs can be made to their house.

Imagine losing your mother and your two children in a freak accident. Imagine being forced to quit school to find work when you are not sure what you are living for. And you were already  on the edge of survival.

Winnie’s mother was the main wage earner in an extended family of five grown daughters, four young grandchildren and two cousins.She had brought home a load of charcoal to sell the next day and she had bought some small cakes for her grandchildren. They were sitting under the mulberry tree next to the house eating the cakes when a car barreled up the road from town and collided into the house  killing everyone seated there. Only one grandchild escaped with her life because she had run into the house to show her mother the treat that grandmother had brought .

What remains of the Moomba's house

Four needless deaths

Please help me raise money to help this broken family continue their schooling and start to earn a living.

John and Consiglia, the cousins,  have plans to buy used shoes for resale and several of the daughters would like to continue their studies. We can’t erase their grief but we can help them pick up the pieces of their lives.

Thank you.



by Marsha Winsryg

Zambian/ American collaboration quilt

Zambian and Vineyard craft women collaborate

Tuesday, October 26th, 5 to 6pm

20 Road to Great Neck (off New Lane), West Tisbury

See a slide show detailing projects and people served in Zambia.

Will end promptly at 6, but come at 4 if you want to chat.

Marsha Winsryg 508 693 4059


Saving Jack Mwanapapa

When I returned from Zambia in the beginning of February I received a message from Sydney Mwamba that his home village of Jack Mwanapapa had been partially destroyed when the Nasanzu river flooded. No lives were lost, but gone were three houses, livestock, farm equipment and a year’s worth of crops.

First an earthquake in Haiti, next in Chile, and now more hardship and loss in a forgotten little corner of Zambia.

Not knowing what else to do, I sent out an email to everyone I knew asking for $10, and in one week’s time, I am able to send $1000 dollars to Bugner Chanda, one of the tradesmen in the village who goes into town regularly and can pick up the money at the Livingstone Western Union. Thanks to so many kind people who took the time to put a $10 dollar check in the mail. I DO believe, I DO believe in fairies and angels and kind people.

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