Danny Mushitu

Zambian young man education

Danny Mushitu wants to go to school

Danny Mushitu has been an orphan since 2002. If he can get an education he has a chance to improve the odds against him.
Sponsoring a child through the African Artists’ Community Development Project is a direct and simple way to really impact the life of a child from a poor family in Zambia.

Help us help them.

All the children in this small program are affiliated with the AACDP- either children of crafts people or related families. We send them your money and watch their progress. If you are interested in having contact through letters or email, we will arrange it.

We have been successfully supporting young people in Zambia since 2002. We have virtually no overhead, few expenses and personally monitor every child and project. Your support goes directly where it is needed.

Education is the most valuable gift you can give.

Peter & Peggy Mwamba

Peter deserves an education

Peter Mwamba is ten years old and has never been to school because his parents live too far out in the countryside to afford transport. His family are tenant farmers living in very difficult conditions. My organization has provided them with funding to plant a year’s worth of corn and pumpkins, and now we would love to find people to sponsor this young man as well as his 15 year old sister, Peggy.


Help her out of the cycle of poverty

Peggy Mwamba is 15 and has been unable to go to school for the same reasons since sixth grade. $850 a year will pay for boarding school and tutors.

These children live in Mazabuka, a farming area one hour south of Lusaka. Their poverty has denied them access to education, but they are intellegent children. I met them both in January and will be following their progress.

You can help these children climb out of poverty.


Mother with HIV/AIDS

Single mother with AIDS knows the value of education for her children

Conceptor works at the Mama Bakhita Center For Disabled Children cooking, cleaning and sweeping the yard. Everything is always spotless thanks to her efforts. Before I left the Center after living there for ten days, I gave her a gratuity.
She sent me a letter of thanks:

I am a single mother aged 36 years, working here at Cheshire. I take care for 3 three children, the eldest aged 17 doing grade ten at Hillcrest High School, and the second born aged 15 years doing grade eight at Maria Assumpta basic school, the last born doing grade three at Nalituwe basic school, I would really want to thank you for your kindness and help.

Thank you very much, for this had been so hard for me to educate them to the level they are. The family of which I come from abandoned us just after the death of my father. It’s sad and hard for me through trying I contracted HIV, so am worried of the future for the children.

With great thanks, Conceptor

This woman has struggled to send three children to school on a maid’s salary. Though her health is still good, she knows that keeping them in school will get harder if she becomes ill. No doubt the eldest will have to quit her studies to find work to support the family. If we can provide her with enough money to pay for their school fees and supplies, hopefully she can have some peace of mind and perhaps pay more attention to her health. AIDS drugs are more accessible than before, but availability and care is spotty, at best.

I am looking for someone to help Conceptor with her children’s school fees. I am convinced, as she is, that education helps break the cycle of poverty and acquiescence. A total of $45 a month will cover secondary school fees for the eldest and school supplies for the other two children in elementary school. One person at a time, we can wage peace for future generations.

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