Florence-Lucca Tour Easter 2018

Florence & Lucca Easter Tour

March 25 – April 8, 2018

easter bulls florence


Day 1 Sunday, March 25   Arrivals

I will meet everyone at the airport and will ferry you back to your lodgings. This may take most of the day.

Rest, relax or stroll as you feel the need.

In the afternoon after everyone has arrived we will meet at one of the apartments for wine, tea and snacks.

**7:00 Dinner at Angiolino’s Trattoria.(** means covered meal of the day)

Day 2   Monday, March 26   Jet Lag Day

Sleep late or neighborhood walk with those who wake early.

12:00   Brunch at my apartment

2:00    The Brancacci Chapel – is a small chapel inside San Carmine with frescoes by Masolino and Masaccio (1428) and later Filippo Lippi. The difference between Masolino and his pupil Masaccio’s work illustrate the new developments marking the early Renaissance .

4:00     Tea at Osteria Toscanella, Brunelleschi Conversation &

Stroll with Fabrizio Gori through Santo Spirito

**7:00 Dinner at Osteria Toscanella

Day 3 Tuesday, March 27   Centro

10:00 Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo (All the original art from the Baptistery and Duomo)

12:00 Robiglio’s Cappuccino / light lunch

1:00   Baptistery – Duomo (The heart of Florence in the Piazza of Paradise)


4:00     Boboli and Bardini Gardens

**7:00 Dinner at I Raddi

Day 4   Wednesday, March 28 Castelvecchio

10:00   Bargello Museum (sculpture and Renaissance daily life objects) or free morning

12:00 – 2:00  Castelvecchio (Lunch with the delightful Manuela Brofferrio at her house)

2:00 – 5:00 Optional walk through hills to the 12th century Romanesque church San Miniato al Monte. Some may want to take a taxi , if the walk seems too much. It takes about an hour and we travel through Arcetri, where Galileo lived and worked in his last years. The views are a pleasure. San Miniato is full of mosaic symbolism, both Christian and pagan, with a huge Astrological chart embedded in the floor. Back home by bus, foot or taxi.

7:30 Dinner at La Gusta

Day 5   Thursday, March 29 The Uffizi

8:30       Uffizi(Florence equivalent of the Met in NYC)

12:00   Lunch at Brac or La Divina Pizza

Break (Santa Croce? Shopping?) or Villa Gamberaia?

Day 6   Friday, March 30   Fiesole

9:00 Walk through Piazza della Santissima Annunziata

on our way to San Marco

11:00 Bus to Fiesole and Bencista

Lunch at Bencista

Afternoon at Roman/ Etruscan Ruins

Or Villa Peyrun

Villa Peyrun

Villa Peyrun, Fiesole

**7:30 Dinner at Vinandro

Spend the night at La Bencista (Pensione in “A Room with a View” by E.M. Forster)

Day 7   Saturday, March 31 Santa Maria Novella

Bus back to Florence

10:00 Santa Maria Novella (Masaccio, Uccello, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, the Spanish Chapel) or San Lorenzo (Brunellesci masterwork, related to Santo Spirito)

1:00 lunch at Bondi

San Lorenzo Outdoor Market


4:30 Walk in Monte Oliveto Neighborhood

**8:00 Dinner at Il Guscio

Day 8 Sunday, April 1 Easter at the Duomo

9:00 Start walking to Duomo

10:00 Duomo Service

1:00 Lunch at Osteria Toscanella

3:30 Leave for Lucca

5:00 Arrive at Segalato

7:00 Light supper at Villa

Day 9 Monday, April 2

Leisurely morning with breakfast buffet

11:00 trip to Lucca – tiny medieval town, perfect for wandering.


**1:30 Lunch at Buca di Sant’Antonio

3:00 Back home – break

Relax, do what you like until dinner

7:30 Dinner at Villa

9:00 Talk about tomorrow’s options

Day 10 Tuesday, April 3

AM Trip to hot springs at Terme di Montecatini

PM Walk to Winery Maria Theresa near Villa

**8:00 Dinner at Vipore, a little restaurant near the villa

Day 11 Wednesday, April 4

AM Lucca Bike/walk around city on the wall

See sights missed on first visit

**Lunch in town at Ammodonostra

PM Break

4:30 Italian Cooking Lesson (we prepare dinner with Donatella Piselli)

7:30 Dinner

Day 12 Thursday, April 5

AM Villa Reale di Marlia


Lunch at Pizzeria New Stefy

PM Open

**8:00 Dinner at Trattoria da Leo

Day 13 Friday, April 6

AM Hike from Villa

Lunch-Picnic in the Hills

PM Open

**8:00 Dinner at home catered by Donatella Piselli

Day 14 Saturday, April 7

Day trip to Marina di Pietrasanta

Features a sandy beach stretching for about 5 kilometers (nearly 2 miles). The historic art town of Pietrasanta, just a little inland, is home to sculptors and artists. It has a large and lively piazza with several cafes, good restaurants, small shops, a castle, and both a sculpture museum and an archaeology museum.

Lunch at Alex Ristorante Enoteca

**Dinner at Pesce Briaco

Day 15 Sunday, April 8

8:30 Leave Lucca

10:30 Arrive at airport