Educational Sponsorship Program


The AACDP began supporting young people that we knew through the Mama Bakhita Cheshire Home network very early in our existence. Much of the money raised for this purpose was through the sale of African Crafts at craft sales during the summer and through Italian Tours which I began to lead in 2013. When the pandemic halted both of these income sources I decided to send out a letter to all our friends and contributors with descriptions of our scholarship students and the costs to cover their tuitions and expenses.

By American standards, tuitions in Zambia are very reasonable. High school costs from $80 a semester to $150. There is no free public education, except in name only. But in practice, children are “chased away” if they cannot pay. Higher learning varies from $850 to $1600 per year, with additional costs often for computers and living costs.


I am so grateful for the quick response for seven students who did not have to interrupt their studies.

When the highschools in Zambia shutdown during the pandemic, on line teaching was not offered and few highschool students have computers anyway. Our three young people have had very spotty educational experience due to extreme poverty and itineracy. They have had to work twice as hard as others to even pass their courses. We were worried that a prolonged absence from school would seriously affect their hard won study skills.

We asked their sponsors if they would be willing to pay for a home school to be set up in our offices in Livingstone, where they all live. Sydney Mwamba, our Zambian general manager, found three qualified teachers willing to work part time. Everyone wears a mask and maintains the 6 foot distancing. Now, these students have individual attention for the first time in their lives. This will greatly improve their skills when high schools open again. We may continue with fewer hours as a homework club to offer continuing support.

Home Schooling at the AACDP Office

We have been very fortunate so far to match donors with our applicants. Please stay tuned for new opportunities to sponsor motivated young people who wish to learn skills to improve their chances in life.