Doll Parties December 2 & 3, 2018

100 zambezi dolls 

December 2 & 3, 2018



I will host doll parties to work on some of the older Zambezi Dolls that I brought back in past years and are unsold. The new dolls need no work anymore, because the Zambian ladies have become quite proficient.   But the backlog of old dolls need some tweaking here and there, because the Zambian ladies have become quite proficient.

This is a wonderful cultural collaboration and fun, if you like handwork. And you have helped me raise funds to set the doll makers up to run their own business, which is what happened on my visit in January!

Thank you, my crafty friends.

Marsha Winsryg

Directions to house:

20 Road to Great Neck, WT 

Go to New Lane in WT, a short distance north of Old County Road intersection on south side of Edg-WT road. It has a sign with a white pony on it. 

At 1/2 mile there is an intersection with three roads: 2 dirt roads,one on Rt., one straight ahead. Third road is paved road continuing on to the left. Our road is the straight ahead dirt road. There is a tree with many name signs on it, including “Karasik”, the biggest says “FISCHER”. 

Go 5 or 6 drives to the left to sign says: “KARASIK/WINSRYG”. 508 693 4059 cell:508 560 2620