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Wondering where we are this holiday season?

World Market Mondays is a group of five local women who have developed small non profits that sell crafts for women’s economic empowerment Haiti, Africa, Palestine and India. We all sell gifts that are handmade by the people we are working with.

The AACDP will have Tuareg silver jewelry, Zambian basketry, hand carved wooden bowls and salad servers, Zambezi dolls, patchwork aprons from Ghana and African cloth.


manu garden

Tuscan Tour Information Meeting and African Craft Sale

Saturday, May 14, 10:00am

My house: 20 Road to Great Neck, WT

508 693 4059

I will be showing slides and discussing three different tours  based in Florence, Italy: Florence Cultural Tour, Tuscan Artists’ Tours and Tuscan Sacred Sites and Sanctuaries Tour. These are offered every October and March. They are small, no more than 7 people, and organized to be rich for the senses without a stressful itinerary. It is my pleasure to share the people, food, art, architecture and landscapes that I love there. These trips raise money for my work in Zambia, the African Artists Community Development Project.


Go to New Lane in WT, a short distance north of Old County Road intersection on south side of Edg-WT road. It has a sign with a white pony on it.

At 1/2 mile there is an intersection with three roads: 2 dirt roads,one on Rt., one straight ahead. Third road is paved road continuing on to the left. Our road is the straight ahead dirt road. There is a tree with many name signs on it, including “Karasik”, the biggest says “FISCHER”.

Go 5 or 6 drives to the left to sign says: “KARASIK/WINSRYG”. 508 693 4059 cell:508 560 2620


down from fiesole

You can go all the way up to the high hilltop village of Fiesole on the bus for one euro. One euro to sail out of town, up where the air smells like bay leaves and the city spreads out below, up to a small town of steep charming streets with names like via Francesco Poeti and via La Cipressa. The other side of the town overlooks valleys cultivated over the centuries with blue-grey olive orchards, black cypress,ochre and salmon colored villas and the crop patterns of fields. When the clouds are traveling they throw dark blue shifting shadows that make you catch your breath for their beauty.

Are you with me? Photos can’t reproduce the sense of unfolding spaces, softly receding hills and mountains and the loving care taken with the land over the years.

fonte lucente

So, my friend Maria and I were on a mission to see a little known church called Fonte Lucente, which means Fountain of Light. I had trekked to this simple church twice over the years and tried to contact someone in charge. I had heard that the water flowed right in the chapel and that it was reputed to have healing properties. But it was always closed, open only at 10am on Sundays for services. On this Sunday, Maria and I intended to go to mass there. What better way to see a church than when it is doing what it does best.

within fonte lucente

From the bus stop to the church is a very steep descent along the side of a hill. Fifteen minutes later we stood in front of a plain building with a portico of three arches. The priest drove up as we entered. There, on the right just off of the central nave, was a small grotto carved from the rock of the hillside. Along the wall water slid into a small carved basin on the floor.

fontelucenteI collected some of this water, said to be sacred and with healing properties in my glass water bottle. Sadly, during the week following, I forgot that this was special water, and I drank it. The good part is that I had a sinus infection at the time, and it went away. Thank you, Fonte Lucente.

Twice a year I make a pilgrimage to Florence to drink in the centuries of beauty and to lead little tour groups to my favorite places. This is another way I raise money for the AACDP. If you care to join me I will be taking small groups of five in March and October 2016.





Cupid and Psyche Puppet Show raises funds for disabled children in Zambia

On Tuesday, July 2, at 7pm Spindrift Marionettes will be presenting an original musical puppet show of Cupid and Psyche, a 2000 year-old tale of love, jealousy, betrayal and courage. For people over seven years old.

At the Old Grange Hall in West Tisbury for one night only.

This will be a fundraiser for the Mama Bakhita Center for Disabled Children in Livingstone, Zambia.

$10 , $25 for families

info: 508 693 4059