Banji, Cerebral Palsy Has Never Shaped Her Dreams

Banji Mulumbu, who wants to become a human rights lawyer

In the rural village of Makuna, Zambia, in a one-room mud house with no water or electricity, Nophreen gave birth to Banji. The labor was complicated and Banji emerged, barely alive. Her difficult birth resulted in cerebral palsy, but Nophreen was a fiercely devoted mother and the baby thrived.

 Banji had a lively mind, and at six years old began school. All went well until eighth grade, when the principal feared that Banji could not keep up with the increased workload. A donated computer solved the problem, and Banji graduated at the top of her class!

Banji’s high school graduation

That was in 2018.

Banji recently visited our office in Livingstone to tell us
that she has been accepted at University of Zambia
both for pre-law and for a full law degree. Her ultimate goal is to work for the UN, defending human rights of children with disabilities all over the world. 

Banji and Sydney Mwamba

Banji has never been afraid to stand up for her rights and those of others.

Who is better suited to do this work? Who better understands the prejudice and ignorance that these children
face every day?

The University of Zambia offers no scholarships or aid
for any students, not even those with disabilities. But
Banji needs more than just tuition fees; her biggest
financial challenges are the extra expenses of being

Having CP makes this goal a challenge because Banji
needs full time care when living at school.

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