About Marsha as a Tour Guide


Tuscan Spring Landscape     Marsha Winsryg   2006


I am 65 years old, and am a visual artist, educator, musician, storyteller and puppeteer and have operated a small non profit, the African Artists’ Community Development Project,  since 2004.

In 2005 I, my husband and 15 year-old youngest daughter went to Florence, Italy for the year to learn Italian and to experience life and art in a small ancient city shaped by the Western Renaissance. We were able to do this because Paul taught that year at the International School of Comics in Florence.

It was much more difficult than I imagined to navigate the foreign systems and language. So, we made mistakes, asked questions, took linguistic risks and ended up with an intimate sense of Florence, wonderful friends and neighbors, and very serviceable Italian. We focused on our favorite occupations : cooking and eating, art and architecture, and walking.

My friend Fabrizio Gori, owner of Osteria Toscanella, is an artist, restauranteur and Florentine of many generations. Thanks to him I saw many beautiful paintings set in modest, unheralded churches, learned to see the renaissance elements in the patterns of 11th century church facades, ate delectable Tuscan dishes in his garden and eventually improved my Italian.  He will be our guide on several occasions.

Since then I have returned almost every year to continue this relationship with the past. I want to show you my favorite buildings and paintings, my favorite hikes through the countryside, markets, restaurants and how to cook my favorite foods. And I aspire to a more relaxed pace, in keeping with a true Italian experience.

These are the things around which I have built my tours.


MW drawing in Piazza della Signoria


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