The Woman with 14 Orphans: The Children

by Marsha Winsryg

Woman with woman with 14 orphans disabilities AIDS

Part 4 of the Woman with 14 Orphans: Michael Bwalya

“Michael Bwalya was born in 2011 in the Copperbelt. His mother was a primary school teacher and was my young sister. The father deserted them when Michael was only a month old. I took him when he was 1 year and 7 months because the mother became very ill. She died last year in March and the whereabouts of the father are still unknown. Michael thinks that I am his mother. He is in grade 1.” Dorothy Bwalya

One by one Dorothy’s siblings died and she could not bear to see them neglected in homes where they were not really welcome. Though she earns little as a vocational teacher, she continues to find ways to survive. My longtime friend, Sister Bridget Mulonda, introduced me to Dorothy last January. She has known Dorothy for many years and has tried to help her as best she can herself. They are all hoping that I can find an audience who will be moved by this woman’s deep kindness and courage. You can read the whole story as it has unfolded at the AACDP facebook page. Please help if you can. I have been a one woman nonprofit for 15 years and continue to make connections within the struggling part of the Livingstone community. This situation need immediate attention. Thank you.

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