The Woman with 14 Orphans; #9 Emmanuel

by Marsha Winsryg


Emmanuel # 9 of 14 orphans in Livingstone, ZambiaHere is Emmanuel’s story as written by Dorothy.

“Emmanuel, who is commonly known as Santiago Mwila, is 9 years old. After the death of both parents, he was taken by my sister to live in the village. He suffered from a heavy attack of malaria and was in a coma for 5 days. It took 4 and a half pints of blood to bring him around. After he came out of his coma, he lost his memory and up to now his memory is not great. I brought him home after the death of my sister who was looking after him.
The most important things we need right now are: blankets, school fees, clothing and food. The month that I pay our rent, we starve.”

I am sending this woman money for immediate needs, but I am praying for many small donations to set her up in a bigger house as a legitimate orphanage. Sydney Mwamba, project manager for the AACDP in Zambia is organizing her accredation and funding. Please help us if you can with a check to AACDP, POB 3051, West Tisbury, MA 02575. This is a 501c3 business. It all goes where it is needed and is tax deductible.


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