The Woman with 14 Orphans: ##12 Francis

by Marsha Winsryg

francis Zambian orphan povertyDorothy writes:

“Francis was born on 20th May 2007. The mother was a commercial sex worker. I tried very hard to bring her around but all failed. After she gave birth to francis, she wanted to throw him away but the friends encouraged her to bring the baby to the orphanage or to the family. It was then that she decided to bring her baby to Livingstone. I was shocked to see her with the baby. Before i could even talk to her, she disappeared the following day leaving the baby sleeping in the house. She cut off communication. The next i heard after 7 years that she was dying at Levy mwanawasa hospital with no one to look after her.i had to rush to Lusaka and when i arrived at the hospital i found her gasping. She was in hospital for three months alone. I nursed her for a few hours and she died. Due to not having enough money, i buried her in Lusaka and came back the following day after her burial. Francis was only a month old when she left him. He survived on baby formula. Like all the children, francis calls me his mother.”

We have raised $1400 for Dorothy and as soon as I receive her list of expenses for school fees, uniforms, food, and clothing we will see how much will be covered. Thank you, one and all! This is a life changing experience for all of us, especially those children that Dorothy would not abandon.

The photo shows Francis at school where he is in grade 4.

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