The Woman with 14 Orphans: #10 Shepherd

by Marsha Winsryg

Shepherd Zambian orphan one of 14 adopted by sister of siblings who died
Happy Mother’s Day to one of the bravest mothers I know, Dorothy Bwalya.
Here is Shepherd, the child of a younger brother who died four years ago. When his mother remarried, she left the child in the village with his aged grandmother. This was not a good situation for anyone, so Dorothy took in yet another discarded child. She did not ask herself if this made sense she just did what she had to do, though she already had more than enough children to try and care for.
Shepherd may not have new clothes, or even enough money for school fees, but he has a home. I want to reward Dorothy for her persistent love that refused to let any of her siblings children be forgotten. I want to raise enough money to rent a proper sized house for so many people, to set up a small business that will help cover her costs and send everyone to school. The world is full of resources-we just have to care enough to share them. Dorothy’s resource is her big heart.

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