A Brave and Compassionate Woman

by Marsha Winsryg

Orphan-care-poverty-assistanceI wrote a bit about Dorothy Bwayla a few posts ago….the Zambian teacher who has taken in 14 orphans over the years, though she lives in a one room house on a small salary. Please help if you can. Here is the letter I received from her today:

Dear Marsha…….. Life is so difficult. We are really starving and from the time the schools opened i have only managed to to send three children to school and the rest are just at home doing nothing. I always pray for you. I have been fasting and praying for the past two days asking the Lord to interven. Alone i cant.
May God bless you. You are a gift from God.
Love and prayers, Dorothy
Please donate whatever you can right here at this website. I will send it directly to her. You can communicate with her also through email. This is the real deal here.

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gail tipton March 17, 2017 at 11:49 am

Bless you for your compassion and strength.
Am donating a bit through Marsha and I
hope it helps.
To all of us helping each other in this world
as you do.

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