Sydney Goes for a Degree

by Marsha Winsryg

AACDP show - 065In 2007, Sydney Mwamba wrote and asked me to sponsor him in a business diploma program. His aunt makes crafts for me, so I asked her if Sydney was a good bet. She replied enthusiastically “Sydney is the hardest working young man and best student in our village.” So began an association that has grown into a kind of partnership.

Sydney checks out and sends the crafts, oversees quality control, manages crises and keeps me generally informed about our people and projects in Lusaka and Livingstone. He has used his training and exceptional people skills working with the AACDP.  Now he is going to University to get that final degree that says you are serious about your field. It isn’t easy to get $5000 a year together for most Zambians, 80% of whom are way below the poverty line. Scholarships are rare and limited. But we are putting our eggs in this Indiegogo basket and hope for the best. Please give Sydney a chance.

With this degree he will be qualified to start up a craft export business in Livingstone, Zambia in collaboration with the AACDP. We hope to train and hire handicapped people as well as others, perhaps incorporating a worker-owned agenda. Employment is one of Zambia’s greatest needs, and hiring the disabled is even rarer. Sydney is smart, hardworking and eminently suited for this task.

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